Customer Service


We strive to ship all orders by the next business day.  For orders of 1-10 items, we will use First Class US Mail.  We ship most larger domestic orders via UPS Ground.  If your order status says your package has shipped, it has.  Have a little patience with the postal service, but after ten days, feel free to call us.

We ship internationally!  We ship via the Postal Service to Canada, and we offer an international flat rate for small orders to the rest of the world.

We're sorry if a defective product has slipped through our fingers, and we will gladly replace it if you give us a call.  We ask that you return them to us within thirty days at: PO Box 1180, Ketchum, ID 83340.  If you just don't think they are hot stuff, sorry, but we can't take returns on these personal items.

If some adhesive has come off on your garment, don't worry; just use a damp cloth to rub off the remaining adhesive.  Or, you can place another product over the adhesive, wear the garment, and most of it will come off when you remove those products. 

We respect your privacy and promise not to sell your name or email address to anyone else.  We will only contact you by phone or email if there is a problem with your order.  If you signed up to receive our newsletter, you will receive an email from us only when we have important news to share with you, which is close to never.  Might we suggest following FashionFirstAid on Twitter or liking us on Facebook.