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Kitty Carpet

reusable downstairs toupee


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Revive the 70s with your own mustache: a merkin!

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Botched brazilian?
Misbehaved shave?
Unveiled va-jay-jay?

thesolution is Kitty Carpet: reusable downstairs toupee

For the prodigal hippie, the French-web-footed-prostitute-in-another-life, and the woman who wants to bring some spice into the bedroom, the wait is over! Long gone are the days of picking up hairs from the bathroom floor and saving them to make your own merkin. Now you can buy a rug for Mrs. Downstairs in the color you want, cut it to the shape you need, and experience life to the fullest. Each Kitty Carpet measures 3.5" wide on top and is 4.5" long. Infinitely reusable, it comes with one sheet of Quick Fix Sticks (medical grade double-sided tape) with 16-24 pieces of tape to start you out. And don't fret, no actual kitties were harmed in making this product, as Kitty Carpet is 100% polyester faux fur.

Choose between the following 3 colors:

  • Michael Jackson's Hair
  • The Carpet Matches the Drapes
  • Natural Pink
Using Kitty Carpet is easy as:
1) Trim your Kitty Carpet to the desired shape. (Stencils available at solutionsthatstick.com/downstairscarpet)
2) Peel off at least one included Quick Fix Stick and stick it to the non-fuzzy side of Kitty Carpet.
3) Adhere your Kitty Carpet exactly where yo uthink it should go. 

Contains: 1 carpet with 16-24 pieces of Quick Fix Sticks
Measures: 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 1/5" (11.5 x 9 x 0.5 cm)

Made in China.
Quick Fix Sticks made in USA. 

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