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Knicker Sticker

disposable adhesive underwear


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Ditch the panties, not the protection. Designed to stick to jeans & pants.

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Whale tail?
Camel toe?

thesolution is Knicker Sticker: disposable adhesive underwear.

Knicker Sticker™ is the only tried and true way to avoid panty lines. Other brands claim it, but don't deliver; this product works like a charm. Simply peel off the backing, stick this ingenious underwear alternative right to your trousers or shorts, and go on with your day, knowing that neither VPL nor whale tail will be your foe today. Beige or black color ensures discretion, and the whimsical, yet ergonomic heart shape is much more attractive than something white & made of synthetic material.

Contains: 7 pieces
Color: Beige or Black
Material: 100% cotton with adhesive backing 
Measures 5 x 4 x .02" (12 x 9.4 x .05 cm)

Made in USA

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