Low Expectations: Low-Back Bra Converters

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Make sure your bras are down with your barer back fashions. (in beige or black). Our low back bra converters lower your bra band by an average of 5 inches. Bra converters available in beige or black.

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Low back style?
Obvious unmentionables?
Un-sexy back?

thesolution is Low Expectations: low-back bra converters

Put the sexy back in sexy back! Low Expectations low back strap hooks onto your existing bra to pull down the back strap, allowing you to wear plunging back styles while still having the support and discretion your normal bra affords. Low Expectations bra converters lower your bra band by an average of 5 inches, so it is a good option for backless dresses- especially for women who have more than the backless adhesive bras can handle.

How to Use Bra Converters & Low Back Bra Converters:
1) Loosen your bra straps all the way.
2) Hook the hook part of Low Expectations onto the eye part of your bra and the hook part of your bra onto the eye part of Low Expectations.
3) Wrap the strap around your stomach and connect the hook and eye.

Contains: 1 two-part strap
Color: Beige or Black
Size:  Small/Medium (bra size 28-36) or Large/XL (bra size 36-42) (err on the larger side since you can adjust it down)
Material: Nylon elastic 

Small/Medium measures 34.5 x 7 x x.04" (88 x 17 x .1 cm)
Large/XL measures 43 x 7 x .04" (109 x 17 x .1 cm)

Made in China

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