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Latest News Releases

Duck & Cover With Wundercover: Tattoo & Skin Shields

Cankles & Saggy Boots Are Not in Style This Fall: Boot Stay Adhesive Sag Preventers Keep Boots from Falling Down  

Wine Accessory Drip Strips Stops Wine Bottles From Dripping

Solutions That Stick Launches Pocksie for Dancing, Traveling & Adventuring 

Hi-Res Images

Attache: (product) (product in pkg)

Belle of the Ball: (product) (product in pkg) (in use)

Boot Stay: (product) (product in pkg) (before/after)

Brah! Extender 2-hook regular: (product) (product in pkg) (before/after)

Brah! Extender 2-hook NARROW: (product) (product in pkg) (before/after)

Brah! Extender 3-hook: (product) (product in pkg) (before/after)

Button Wrappers: (product) (in use)

Cashmere Care kit:(products)

Chick Magnet: (product) (product in pkg) (in use)

Clearly Gone:(product) (product in pkg) (fashion don't)

Cop A Heel:(product) (product in pkg) (in use)

Crotch Shot: (product) (product in pkg)

Delicates Defender: (product) (product in pkg) (fashion don't)

Delicates Defender Cylinders: (small size in use) (large size in use) (large size with hat)

Dirty Side of Fashion: (book)

Drip Strips: (product) (product in pkg) (before/after)

Fashion First Aid kit: (large kit) (purse kit)

Fashion Staple: (product) (product in pkg)

Flatliners: (product) (product in pkg) (fashion don't)

Fullcuptuous: (product) (product in pkg) (before/after)

Garment Guard:(product beige) (product black) (product in pkg) (fashion don't)

Gripalicious: (product) (product in pkg) (in use)

Heel Seals: (product) (product in pkg) (fashion don't)

Heel of Steel: (product) (product in pkg) (in use)

Kitty Carpet: (pink product) (blonde product) (black product) (product in pkg) (fashion don't)

Knicker Sticker: (product) (product in pkg) (fashion don't)

Kung Shoe Grip: (product) (product in pkg) (in use)

L-straps: (in use)

Low Expectations: (product) (product in pkg) (before/after) (in use)

Nipplomats: (product) (product in pkg) (before/after)

Ped Pens: (product) (product in pkg)

Pocksie: (product) (product in pkg) (before/after)

Quick Fix Sticks: (product) (product in pkg) (before/after)

Shoe Done It kit: (kit)

Shoulder Saver: (product) (product in pkg) (before/after)

Skid Out: (product) (product in pkg) (before/after)

Smart Heel: (product clear) (product black) (product in pkg) (fashion don't)

Sole Glow: (product) (product in pkg)

Sticky Bottoms: (product) (product in pkg) (how to use)

Strap Trap: (product) (product in pkg) (before/after)

Subtle Butt disposable: (product) (product in pkg) (fashion don't)

Subtle Butt reusable: (product front) (product back) (product in pkg)

The Heel Deal: (product) (product in pkg) (in use)

The Perk Up: (product) (product in pkg) (fashion don't)

Titty Bear: (product) (in use)

Trunk in my Junk: (product) (product in pkg) (fashion don't)

Underboob: (product in pkg) (in use)

What The Smell: (product) (product in pkg) (in use)

White Collar Grime: (product) (product in pkg) (before/after)

Wundercover: (product) (product in pkg) (before/after)

Yoobies: (product) (in use)