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Quick Fix Sticks

adhesive wardrobe remedies


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Stick it to wardrobe malfunctions!

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Nip slip?
Hanging hems?
Bulging buttons?

thesolution is Quick Fix Sticks: adhesive wardrobe remedies

From quickly hemming your pants, to forcing your shirt to quit gaping between buttons, to keeping your bra straps in place, the list of uses for fashion tape goes on and on. And men and women alike can benefit from a quick and easy fashion fix. 

Simply select and remove the appropriate size piece of fashion tape from the dollar-bill-sized sheet (perfect for keeping in your wallet for emergencies), stick it to the problem fabric or skin, and go about your day with confidence. Each package comes perforated with up to 48 strips of tape, so the wearer can customize the length for the wardrobe malfunction.

Contains: 32-48 strips.
Color: Clear
Measures: 3.1 x .4 x .004" (8 x .9 x .2 cm)

Made in the USA.

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