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BrAlternatives & The Girls

The items in this section are dedicated to bras and boobs.  We have a variety of solutions for wardrobe malfunctions specifically for bras and boobs.  One example is our bra extenders, which let you increase the length of your bra strap.  Maybe you’ve put on a few pounds and your bras are fitting a little tight these days?  Winter weight?  Haven’t been hitting the gym much lately?  Instead of going out and buying a new bra, save some money and use one of our “Brah!” bra extenders.  Use the money you save on some extra dessert.

We also have other bra solutions like “Strap Trap” racerback bra clips.  These handy bra clips turn any normal bra into a racerback bra so you can avoid showing your bra straps when you wear racerback tops.  Speaking of bra straps, check out our “Low Expectations” low-back bra converters which are perfect for hiding your bra straps when wearing low-back tops.  If your hatred of bra straps goes beyond just hiding them, make them completely disappear with our “Clearly Gone” clear bra straps.  These are perfect for lace or see-through tops, and are slightly cloudy so they don’t make your skin look shiny.

We also have other unique products like our “Nipplomats” nipple concealers that keep perky nipples hidden on even the coldest days.  These are also good to wear when going without a bra in certain tops and dresses.  Our “Perk Up” adhesive breast lifts are great for backless outfits and low cut tops, as they adhere to the top of the breast and provide an instant breast lift.  

Visible bra straps
just because it is accepted doesn't mean it is attractive fix it!>
Visible bra band
way too much information fix it!>
Bra too big
add a little or add a lot fix it!>
Bra too small
breathing is a good thing. back bulges are not. fix it!>
Saggy boobs
beware zipping them into your jeans! fix it!>
Smuggling raisins
a bit nipply? high beams on? fix it!>
Strap pain
are the girls a bit too heavy? fix it!>
Dirty delicates
it happens to the best of us, especially when we are mud wrestling fix it!>
Boob sweat
keep the mountain dew from showing up on your clothes fix it!>
Nip slip
no one (we know personally) wants her boobs on the internet fix it!>
Chest Wrinkles
there is no cuddlier way to prevent the dreaded MBW (morning breast wrinkles) fix it!>
have more issues than National Geographic? View all products. fix it!>
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