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Giggles & Gifts

Everyone knows the REAL way to make "your friend's" day is to give her an inexpensive gift that makes her laugh so hard, she starts thinking about ordering incontinence products. Gassy partner? Subtle Butt and What the Smell? are the gifts that keeps on giving. White Elephant party coming up? Kitty Carpet is calling your name. Need to stuff your in-law's stockings? Doesn't that just scream Trunk In My Junk?
Teeny weenie
sick of "false advertising" references to bra padding? get him back. fix it!>
Stinky sibling
family road trips can be such a gas fix it!>
Unveiled va-jay-jay
regrettable waxing? reminiscing the 70s? fix it!>
Bad breakup
cheer up "your friend" with something unexpected fix it!>
Out the "douchebags" on your list fix it!>
have more issues than National Geographic? view all products. fix it!>
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