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Skid Out

deodorant, drip & drool erasers


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Remove deodorant stains, toothpaste drool, makeup powder smudges, and pet hair.

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Deodorant skids?
Pet hair?
Toothpaste drool?

thesolution is Skid Out™: deodorant, drip & drool erasers

Skid Out™ deodorant, drip & drool erasers are specially-textured sponges that instantly remove deodorant stains, makeup smudges, toothpaste, pet hair and other pesky marks.  We have all been there… you know, when you're getting ready in the morning and you put your shirt over your head, and end up with white skid marks all over yourself?  Bummer.  And of course, if you’re like most of us, you probably don't notice until hours have gone by. Oops, not attractive. Our Skid Out™ erasers can removes these skids, stains, and more. These sponges are so handy to have around, especially in a fashion emergency, that you may want to leave one in your glove box, your desk, your gym bag and your purse so you're sure to have one when you need it.  They are not just used to remove deodorant stains, so get creative and remove all types of stains from your clothes, from deodorant, to makeup, to lunch!

Here are some of the things you can do with Skid Out™:

  • Remove deodorant marks
  • Wipe away toothpaste drool
  • Get rid of dried baby spit-up
  • Brush away makeup powder smudges
  • Pet hair removal & lint remover
Using Skid Out is easy:
1) Using medium force, rub Skid Out directly onto deodorant skid marks, toothpaste, drool, powder drips, and other oops.
2) If you cannot remove the stain, moisten the other Skid Out and try again. Some stains may require professional dry cleaning.

Contains: 2 sponges
Color: Grey 
Measures: 2 x 2 x .6" (5 x 5 x 1.6 cm)

Made in the USA.

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