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Trunk in my Junk

male false advertising


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You claim females participate in false advertising all the time. Now you men can join the fun.

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Teeny weeny?
Missing package?
Shameful shrinkage?

thesolution is Trunk in my Junk: male false advertising

Women do it all the time with padded bras, spandex shapewear and other mysterious artifacts. Some people call it false advertising, while other people call it marketing. Why should men be left out? Place one of these infinitely reusable cups over your junk the next time you wear your mankini and watch the attention shift to you. Overheard phrases could include "elephant trunk," "Hercules" and "OMG." And don't worry about what might happen should you be "discovered" when the lights go out: have you ever known anyone who has gotten that far and then said, "Waitaminute. No thanks." We don't.

Using Trunk in my Junk is easy as:

1) Ensure you are wearing something tight with stretch: briefs, swimwear, etc.
2) Position Trunk in my Junk exatly where you think it should go.
3) Enjoy the attention you receive. 

Contains: One big package
Color: Beige
Size: One size 
Measures 5.3 x 3.9 x 1.6" (13.5 x 9.8 x 4 cm)

Made in China.

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