White Collar Grime: adhesive collar/hat protectors

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Keep the ring-around-the-collar and grimy hat bands away with White Collar Grime.
  • Prevent ring-around-the-collar
  • Keep hat bands clean
  • Covers up itchy embroidery and tags
  • 100% cotton
  • 10 foot roll

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Ring around the collar?
Dirty hats?
Scratchy embroidery?

thesolution is White Collar Grime: adhesive collar & hat protectors

Hat sweat stains are never cool and always gross, but if you throw your cap in the wash, you're risking permanent damage from colors fading, shrinkage, or worse. Nobody wants to ruin their favorite fitted cap with a nasty sweat stain, or by demolishing it in the washing machine.  Instead, prevent hat sweat stains and protect your favorite headgear with White Collar Grime™. Simply cut off the desired length of 100% super-soft cotton, stick it to the inside of your hat band, and go about your dirty work. When it gets too dirty to bear, peel off, dispose, and replace with another fresh strip.  It is a simple and quick solution so you'll never have to deal with a greasy hat again. Woo hoo!

White Collar Grime™ also prevents those nasty ring around the collar stains, tames tags, and covers up itchy embroidery, making shirts so much more comfortable to wear. Stop the grey-neck with this easy solution and make your shirts look better and last longer.  To prevent issues with neck sweat, just peel, stick, wear, then peel off and dispose before putting your shirt in the laundry. Voila! No ring around the collar stain, no hat sweat stains, no nonsense. 

Using White Collar Grime is easy:

1) Cut off the desired length of White Collar Grime.
2) Peel off the easy-removal scored paper backing & firmly stick the strip inside the shirt collar, hat band, or over a scratchy tag or embroidery.
3) When finished with White Collar Grime, remove and discard it. If adhesive traces remain, re-stick the White Collar Grime onto them or use a damp cloth to remove.

Contains: 1 roll
Color: White
Material: 100% soft brushed cotton with adhesive backing
Measures: 10 ft x 1.25" (330 x 3.2 cm)

Made in the USA

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