Wundercover: tattoo covers & blister preventers

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For whatever is on your skin that needs to be hidden or protected, Wundercover has you covered.
  • Sticks to skin to prevent blisters
  • Easily covers light tattoos and age spots
  • Medical grade adhesive
  • Self-adhesive, camouflage blends in in with most skin tones
  • 48 pieces on 4 sheets

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Painful pumps?
Heinous heels?
Inappropriate body art?

thesolution is Wundercover: tattoo covers & blister shields

Whether it's a tattoo that needs to be covered in front of grandma or feet that need to be protected from blister abuse by your newest pair of shoes, everything is covered by Wundercover. Using medical-grade adhesive, Wundercover adds an extra layer between your skin and your so-cute-but-so-painful shoes, preventing blisters on feet while breaking in shoes. If you want to use it as a tattoo cover, simply use two layers. Wundercover's chameleon fabric sticks directly to the skin and blends with most skin tones to camouflage areas that needs protection instead of looking like a never-stylish band aid. For convenience, Wundercover comes on a perforated sheet for easy selection of the appropriate customizable size.

Contains: 4 sheets, 12 pieces to a sheet (it's hard to see the perforations, but they're there)
Color: Beige
Material: Medical grade adhesive with nonwoven
- Larger pieces 6.4 x 2.4 x .01 cm
- Smaller pieces 3.2 x 2.4 x .01 cm

Made in the USA

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