DoucheBomb: check-the-box douchebag outer

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Bad parking?
Indoor sunglassing?

The Solution is DoucheBomb: check-the-box douchebag outer.

Special $1 price is for 3 Douchebags with smeared ink. Or, you can ask us to (happily) mail one to your least favorite politician for $1 with the message of your choice. 

Fact: there are far more douchebags than women who actually use douche bags. This now mainstream classification of the sadly self-unaware fills the gap on the scale between "jerk" and "MF." But it is their actions that make them so fun to make fun of, and so in need of being outed as a douchebag.

Now with DoucheBomb, you can out the douchebags in your life. Take advantage of the patented, the built-in "douche-o-meter" by filling the bag with your choice of liquid to the appropriate level of douchiness. Others might prefer to just tick the box next to "bad parking", sign DoucheBomb, and leave it on some monster truck taking up two parking spaces. The truly eloquent might hand in a job resignation notice written on the back of DoucheBomb. What will YOU do? Post your photo and tag it with #DoucheBomb

Each DoucheBomb contains options for these ten douchey actions:

  • mooching
  • womanizing
  • bragging
  • over-cologning
  • overcompensating
  • having no clue
  • bad parking
  • indoor sunglassing
  • namedropping
  • mirror-staring

For novelty only and NOT for internal or medical use.
Includes: 3 DoucheBombs because no one knows just one douchebag.
Measures: 11 x 8" (28 x 20 cm)
Made in China


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