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Fitesse: build your perfect bra

Fitesse: the bra designed by an expert- YOU

Fitesse Configurations

Meet Fitesse, a revolutionary bra that takes 6 measurements into account to give each woman a perfect fit. Our new sizing model measures the girth above, across and below each breast, the volume of each breast and the spacing between. Cups are sized by a corresponding fruit: Blueberry, Cherry, Plum, Peach, Grapefruit, Honeydew, Watermelon, with two larger cups coming in late September. Back bands are sized by: XXXS, XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and the center spacer is 0, 1, 2, or 3. Women can now build their ideal bra, choosing from:

  • Padded to regular molded cups (even selecting different style/size cups to even out uneven breasts);
  • Regular, padded, wide or clear straps;
  • Slim, smoothing or clear back; and
  • A spacer to put the cups at the most comfortable place on the body.

Other great features include multiple loops on the back band for placing straps in the most comfortable and non-slipping place and the ability to conceal bra straps under most tops.

Order your Free Measuring Tape at our Fitesse Information Page or simply use our Calculator above to find your size.

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