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Sole Saviors: portable shoe rain coats

$1.99 $9.95

Sopping suede?
Wet walkers?
Wonky wellies?

The Solution is Sole Saviors: portable shoe rain coats.

Save your soles! Walk on water! When it rains, we don a raincoat and/or an umbrella. We don’t wear a bulky rubber suit. So why do rain boots exist? They are super bulky when on the go or traveling and a total outfit wrecker. And trying to waterproof shoes is risky, at best.

Enter Sole Saviors- raincoats for your shoes. They come in a reusable and compact pouch. When needed, just pull the elastic topped covers over shoes and brave the elements. When the rain and puddles are gone or upon reaching your destination, just remove and stick back in their pouch to keep the ick contained. As an added bonus, Sole Saviors are transparent so gorgeous shoes can still be admired.

Contains: 1 pair
Fits: US women’s sizes 5-10 (non-pointy-toed shoes)
Measures: 11 x 4.5 x 14” H
Material: PVC
Made in China

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