Strap Trap: bra strap holder

Category: Bras, Straps

Straying straps?
Lingering lingerie?
Un-sexy back?

The Solution is Strap Trap: racerback bra clips and bra strap holders.

Probably the best quality and design on the market, Strap Trap bra strap holder / bra strap clips are a simple way to hide your bra straps when wearing racerback tanks, sleeveless tops, or any dress that exposes your bra straps to the world. Virtually invisible, flat and flexible, using these means that you don't constantly have to pull up your slipping straps. Using a patented design, Strap Trap keeps bra straps exactly where you place them so they do not slip down or fall off. As an added bonus, Strap Trap provides additional lift and support, giving you a little perkification along the way. Every woman should definitely have these in her underwear drawer.

How to Use Bra Strap Clips:
1) Before putting on your bra, loosen your straps slightly and attach Strap Trap to both straps as depicted on the package, placing the strap under the center clip and over the top and bottom pieces.
2) Slip your bra over your head and fasten the hooks in back.

Contains: 3 Strap Traps
Color: 1 each of Black, White and Clear
Material: Flexible plastic
Measures: 2 x 1 x .08 inches (4.5 x 2.8 x 0.2 cm)

Made in Austria

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