Hotteeze: eco friendly stick-on heat pads

Category: Clothing, Heat, Pain

Brrrrrr idesmaids?
Shiver me timbers?
Goose flesh?

The Solution is Hotteeze: stick-on heat pads.

"I love throwing a coat over my beautiful cocktail dress," said no Fashionista ever. Shivering in the cold is no fun and holding a cup of coffee isn't an option when you have to hold a bouquet. Thankfully, Hotteeze: discreet, portable stick-on heat pads are now available in the USA. Providing traditional Japanese heat therapy at home or outdoors, Hotteeze heat pads comfort and warm tired muscles with a steady supply of heat. Thin and flexible, Hotteeze Heat Pads are perfectly discreet at 4 x 5.25" and only 1/8" thick, making them comfortable to wear without creating any bulkiness. Featuring one adhesive side, Hotteeze Heat Pads simply affix on the inside of any piece of clothing, creating an inner layer of heat for twelve hours. Perfect for weddings and sporting events alike, they’ll easily attach to the inside of any dress or outfit, ensuring consistent warmth. Heat pads have been used for decades in Japan to help keep the core body temperature stable. Heat is believed to boost the immune system and prevent colds and sickness. Hotteeze Heat Pads make it easy to apply traditional Japanese heat therapy techniques any time. Conveniently portable, Hotteeze pads will heat up simply when exposed to the air with no shaking involved. They are also environmentally friendly, using potassium chloride, so the iron filing contents can be reused as a soil conditioner contributing to the reduction of waste.

To use:
1. Open packet
2. Remove liner to expose adhesive
3. Attach to your clothing, usually in the small of your back

Includes 10 self-adhesive pads
Measures 4 x 5.25 in and only 1/8 in thick

Made in Japan

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