The Stylist Kit by School of Style

Category: Kit, Repairs, Travel

Quick fixes?
Last-minute changes?
Backstage bustle?

The Solution  is The Stylist Kit by School of Style.

This special edition kit curated by Lauren Messiah for School of Style contains everything you need to be a stylist to the stars- or just a stylist for yourself. This kit is also handy for weddings or charity fashion shows. This kit is already discounted to reflect industry pricing.

1 School of Style zipper bag
1 pair folding scissors
1 lint roller
1 sewing kit
1 tagging gun (clear and black barbs included)
1 tape measure
1 bag of 25 safety pins
48 pieces Quick Fix Sticks double-sided tape
2 Skid Out deodorant, makeup, and drool remover sponges
3 Strap Trap bra strap holders
14 pieces Heel Seals instant heel fixers
2 pieces Kung Shoe Grip to prevent shoes from slipping
1 pair Nipplomats reusable silicone nipple covers
10 pieces Garment Guard to prevent pit stains
2 Sole Glow shoe & purse shine sponges

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