Sending Hugs: mailable hug greeting card featuring you

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The world needs more hugs

The only bad thing about hugs is that you can't give one to someone who isn't right next to you. Our new Sending Hugs fixes that. Just affix a photo or draw a face on our paper person and place it in the included envelope. Give or send it to someone who needs a hug- who doesn't?! The recipient opens the envelope, wraps the expanding arms around his/her/its neck, attaches the velcro hands, and basks in the hug. 

Other good reasons for Sending Hugs:

  • Universality: hugs say it all when words fail
  • Reusability: one Sending Hugs yields an infinite number of hugs
  • Holidays: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Veteran's Day
  • Happy happenings: promotions, birthdays, successful Kickstarter campaigns
  • Sucky situations: illnesses, breakups, birthdays, loss of a loved one (human or furry), layoffs, hangovers, unfavorable election results
  • Long distance: military, relocation, long trips

The envelope is 9.5" x 5.875" (24.1 x 14.9 cm) and should mail in the USA with a regular First Class stamp. (You can add a $0.21 non-machinable or extra ounce stamp if you want to be extra cautious.)

Please take photos and tag them with #SendingHugs, because the world can use more hugs!

$0.25 from the sale of each Hug is donated to The Hunger Coalition to further their innovations in breaking the cycle of poverty.



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