The Heel Deal: back of heel gel pad cushions

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Rubbed raw?
Hostile heels?
Walking wounded?

The Solution is The Heel Deal: back of heel gel cushions.

Until shoe manufacturers will make shoes that don't tear up the back of your foot, The Heel Deal is here to help. Simply peel and stick these clear heel cushions inside the back of the shoe to prevent rubbing & blisters caused by heel slippage and empty space. Polyurethane (PU) gel is soft, but long lasting and doesn't stink like foam. These also help your shoes fit to your heels better if you have narrow heels or too big shoes. The bottom line: if blisters on your feet are cramping your style, these easy to use heel grips can get you up and running again.  

Using The Heel Deal is easy as:
1) Before removing adhesive on the back, position The Heel Deal in the back of your shoes where you find them most comfortable.
2)  Mark this position with tape or a pencil.
3) Remove the cover and stick The Heel Deal in place. Do not attempt to remove and restick.

Contains: 2 pairs
Color: Clear
Measures 10 x 2.7 x .2 cm (4 x 1 x 1/8 inch)

Made in China

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