Toe Jams: silicone cushion caps

Tender tootsies?
Bruised toenails?
Impact-ful workout?

The Solution is Toe Jams: gel-ly silicone cushions.

You work hard, and you play hard. But don't neglect your toes in the process. Whether playing sports like tennis or pickleball or enjoying activities like skiing, use the secret weapon ballet dancers have been using for years: silicone toe caps. These simply slip over your toes, under your socks, and minimize the impact your toes receive jamming into the front of your shoe/boot/whatever. Just wash these durable silicone gems with hand soap and tepid water after each use. And these can be cut to better fit your foot or to wear with peep toe heels.

Tips for success: Toe Jams can make your toes sweat more than usual. If this bothers you, you can try wearing on the outside of your socks.

1 washable pair
Made in China


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