Cop A Heel: gel heel cushions

Category: Blisters, Cushions, Pain, Shoes

Criminal callous?
Concrete evidence?
Pain in the plantar?

The Solution is Cop A Heel: gel heel cushions.

Ignoring your heels is just criminal, whether you call it Policeman's heel, plantar pain, or plain old discomfort. Show your heel some affection by cradling it with Cop A Heel. These high quality gel heel pads stay in place with self-adhesive and prevent heel pain from running wild. Since they are made of gel and not foam, they will not stink and will last as long as your shoes. As an added bonus, they make you look about 1/4 inch taller.

Using Cop A Heel is easy as:
1) Before removing the adhesive on the bottom, position Cop A Heel in your shoes where you find them most comfortable.
2) Mark this position with tape or a pencil.
3) Remove the cover and stick Cop A Heel in place. Do NOT try to reposition once stuck.

Contains: 4 pieces
Color: Clear
Measures: 3.5 x 2.25 x 3/8 in (8.8 x 5.7 x 1 cm)

Made in China

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