Heel of Steel: impenetrable heel shields

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Scraped Stilettos?
Hacked heels?
Punctured pumps?

The Solution is Heel of Steel: impenetrable heel shields.

Heel of Steel definitely lives up to its name. This heavy-duty adhesive urethane is used on helicopter blades in the desert to prevent them from getting worn by airborne sand, so it should be good enough to prevent marring of heels by urban enemies: grates, car mats, and curbs. Clear and virtually invisible, Heel of Steel will prevent worn, scraped, dented, nicked heels and save on shoe repair by keeping your shoes looking brand new because once heels are scraped, there is usually nothing you can do to save them. So stick Heel of Steel on all of your new shoes. They do require some arts & crafts skills, so if that is not your forté, enlist a crafty friend with quality scissors.

To apply Heel of Steel:
1) Remove the top tracer paper and stick it over the high heel, using a pencil to outline the shape of your heel.
2) Place the tracer paper back onto Heel of Steel and use scissors to cut that shape.
3) Toss the tracing paper, remove the adhesive backing on Heel of Steel and, starting from the center of the heel, press firmly outward so no air bubbles form. Do no attempt to remove once contact is made, but you can cut slits into particularly curvy areas of the heel to help it lie flatter.

*Remember, you only get one go at this, so take your time and do it right! Also, Heel of Steel will not stick well to suede.*

Contains: 1 pair
Color: Clear
Measures 4" on top, 2" at bottom, and 4.25" tall (10.8 x 10/5 cm)

Made in the USA

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