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Meet Fitesse, a revolutionary bra that takes 6 measurements into account to give each woman her perfect fit. Our new sizing model measures the girth above, across, and below each breast, the volume of each breast and the spacing between. Cups are sized by a corresponding fruit: Blueberry, Cherry, Plum, Peach, Grapefruit, Honeydew, Watermelon, with two larger cup sizes coming in late September. Back bands are sized by: XXXS, XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, and the center spacer is 0, 1, 2, or 3. Women can now build their ideal bra, choosing from:

  • Padded or regular molded cups (even selecting different style/size cups to even out uneven breasts);
  • Regular, padded, wide or clear straps;
  • Slim, smoothing or clear back; and
  • A spacer to put the cups at the most comfortable place on the body.

Simply use our Calculator Below to find your size. Scroll down to view helpful measuring videos!

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Who is this for? 

Our goal is to make a bra for every woman. We aren't there- YET. This first version is an average quality bra that fits many women, especially women with 2 different sized breasts and women who like to be able to adjust how wide the cups sit on their frame. This bra is also fabulously interchangeable for wear with challenging outfits, thus the clear backs and straps.


Do you have my size?

Approximate size conversions (but please measure!):

28DD: CherryNarrow XXXS  28DDD(F): PlumNarrow XXXS  28DDDD(G): PeachNarrow XXXS

30C: Blueberry XXS  30D: CherryNarrow XXS  30DD(E): PlumNarrow XXS  30DDD(F): PeachNarrow  30DDDD(G): GrapefruitExtraNar XXS

32B Blueberry XS  32C: Cherry XS  32D: Plum XS  32DD(E): PeachNarrow XS  32DDD(F): GrapefruitExtraNar XS  32DDDD(G):HoneydewExtraNar XS

34A: Blueberry S  34B: Cherry S 34C: Plum S  34D: Peach S  34DD(E): GrapefruitNarrow S  34DDD(F): HoneydewNarrow S  34DDDD(G): WatermelonExtraNar S

36A: Cherry M  36B: Plum M  36C: Peach M  36D: Grapefruit M  36DD(E): HoneydewNarrow M  36DDD(F): WatermelonNarrow M

38A: Plum L  38B: Peach L  38C: Grapefruit L  38D: Honeydew L  38DD(E): WatermelonNarrow L

40A: Peach XL (spacer?) 40B: Grapefruit XL (spacer?) 40C: Honeydew XL (spacer?) 40D: Watermelon XL (spacer?)

42A: Grapefruit XXL (spacer?) 42B: Honeydew XXL (spacer?) 42C: Watermelon XXL (spacer?)

44A: Honeydew XXXL (spacer?)   44B: Watermelon XXXL (spacer?)


Why do I have to measure?

We know this is a bit of a hassle, but so many women have been measured incorrectly. Or have breasts that have changed over time. Or the bra store (not naming any names) doesn't carry your size so has told you that you are another size which is the same (not same). So humor us and help us get a measurement of the volume Fitesse needs to house. If you are having trouble, we are happy to schedule a call or Hangout or Skype call to work with you one-on-one to get the best measurement and fit we can!

What's up with the fruit?

So glad you asked! The archaic bra size system you are probably used to was invented by some man in the 1930s who took the measurement under the bust, then the measurement around the fullest part of the bust, subtracted, and came up with a letter to designate the difference. That meant that each letter cup holds a different volume, which is weird. Look at it this way, a 38D has a lot more volume than a 30D. We think this is not the best way to measure and instead want to measure based on true volume. So we needed to get away from the letters and move to something volume-related. Fruit was cheerful, colorful and easily understood. Sorry if you don't like it, but please propose something better. (We are open to suggestions!)

What colors do you offer?

Beige & black. As a new product, sadly, we don't yet have the resources to offer fancy colors, which sell waaaaaay less than everyday black and beige (and clear!). We are first trying to master a basic, everyday bra before delving into the cray cray.

Will you offer non-underwire or nursing cups?

Working on it!

Can I return pieces that don't fit?

Of course! Fitesse comes with free shipping and free returns.