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Crotch Shot: icky knicker prewash


Crusty chonies?
Soiled skivvies?
Nasty knickers?

The Solution is Crotch Shot: icky knicker prewash treatment.

Lady crust, period stains, sharts: there are more slang terms for our bodily secretions that we have room for on this page. Yes it is natural, but it is still a taboo subject, not to mention an underwear killer. And then, if you wash your dainties in hot water to kill the bacteria, you are undoubtedly setting the protein stains. But if you use elastic-friendly cold water, you are probably not getting them clean. How to solve the dilemma? Keep your favorite (and expensive) knickers in pristine condition by treating them with Crotch Shot, a protein digester and bacterial killing prewash treatment. Crotch Shot is also useful for baby stains and men's underwear.

To use Crotch Shot:
1. Wet at least the crotch of recently worn underwear, removing as much of the stain as possible.
2. Swipe Crotch Shot 3 to 4 times on the soiled area.
3. Let the ingredients work for 10 minutes, before laundering as you usually do.

Contains: 2 oz
Ingredients: vegetable-based soap, tea tree oil, protein-digesting enzyme

Made in USA

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