Fashion Staple: instant stitching stapler

Category: Clothing, Repairs, Travel

Hanging hems?
Busted buttons?
Split seams?

The Solution is Fashion Staple: instant stitch on-the-go.

Women and men everywhere have experienced falling hems and clothing rips, often at the most inopportune times. Some have resorted to stapling hems or rips in their clothing with ordinary office staplers, but usually to no avail. Silly humans; staplers are for papers. Fashion Staple: instant stitch-on-the-go is for clothing. Used in the same way as a conventional stapler, portable Fashion Staple shoots out hems instead of pokey metal bits that will fall out or get caught on other clothes in the dryer. It comes pre-threaded for instant use, but also comes with 5 additional common thread colors. At the end of your stitch, pull the thread from the last stitch through to secure it. See the instructional video below for a step-by-step guide on how to thread Fashion Staple. Unfortunately, Fashion Staple will not work with thick fabrics or upholstery.

Size: 4 x 2.5 x 1"

Made in China



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