Fullcuptuous: cotton-lined silicone bra inserts

Category: Bigger, Boobs, Bras

Mosquito bites?
Bust lust?
Pancake chest?

The Solution is Fullcuptuous: silicone bra inserts.

Get a full cup bump up in bra size without the risk and cost of surgery. Fullcuptuous breast enhancers are designed to give lift and curve to your bust. Skin-soft silicone is natural looking and feeling, and now, Fullcuptuous is lined with comfortable 100% cotton to reduce sweating. Fullcuptuous can be worn under underwire, push up, or plunge bras to add a cup size with a natural-looking silhouette. Since there is no adhesive, Fullcuptuous could theoretically become a family heirloom.

Using Fullcuptuous is easy as:
1) Put on your bra.
2) Slip one Fullcuptuous bra insert into the lower section of each bra cup.
3) Adjust your breasts into the rest of the cup until you are comfortable and curvaceous.

Contains: 1 pair
Color: Beige
Material:  Polyurethane outer covering, 100% cotton liner, with 100% silicone filling.
Measures 5 x 4 x .67 in (13 x 10 x 1.7 cm)

Made in China

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