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Gee Your Shoes Smell Horrific!: carbon odor neutralizing bag


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Dogs barking?
Stinky shoes?
Horrified houseguests?

The Solution is Gee, Your Shoes Smell Horrific: carbon odor neutralizing bag.

Segregation can be good, when we are talking about shoes and clothes while traveling. No one wants shoe bottom ick or shoe smell mixing with your clean laundry. Gee Your Shoes Smell Horrific! bags address this issue with ease. Simply insert your shoes into the activated carbon, velcro-sealing bag and bask in the sweet smell of success, which incidentally, smells like nothing. That is the beauty of carbon: it neutralizers odors without any strange perfumes or scents and doesn't even take on a mega-stench of its own.

These bags measure 39.5 x 26 cm wide and fit up to US men's size 11 athletic shoes.
Designed to hold one pair of shoes
Made in China

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