Gripalicious: clear or black sole nonslip


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Slippery soles?
Slick sidewalks?
Have a nice fall?

The Solution is Gripalicious: clear or black sole nonslip.

When traction is needed for slippery shoes on the runway (or office), these clear or black stickers are economical and efficient. These come in small size (2.8 x 2 in or 7 x 5 cm), perfect for stilettos and kids' shoes, and large size (4 x 2.8 in or 10 x 7 cm), meant for everything else. (This means you should probably order the large size. See images for comparison.) As an added bonus, these help the soles of your shoes last longer, so why not stick these on all of your shoes?

Using Gripalicious is as easy as:
1) Clean off all dirt and debris from the ball of your shoe. Rubbing alcohol helps.
2) Once dry, remove the paper backing from Gripalicious and stick to the ball area on the bottom of each shoe. Do not attempt to unstick and restick.
3) Replace Gripalicious if you wear through it.

If you will be on wet surfaces, might we suggest purchasing our Kung Shoe Grip, which costs more but works waaaayy better when wet and wears longer. If you will be indoors or on dry surfaces, buy inexpensive Gripalicious.

Contains: 2 pairs
Color: Non-marking, clear or black
Size: Small or Large size
Measures: Small 7 x 5 x .15 cm , Large 10 x 7 x .15 cm

Made in China


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