Delicates Defender: bra & hat mesh laundry bag cylinder

Category: Bras, Clothing, Laundry, Stains

Bunched panties?
Damaged delicates?
Unraveling unmentionables?

The Solution is Delicates Defender: lingerie laundering bags.

Take the mystery out of bra care and protect your favorites with Delicates Defender. The cylindrical design makes it perfect for washing expensive bras, as well as keeping your favorite caps from getting attacked in the washing machine. Delicates Defenders are also useful for keeping damaging items, like those with Velcro, from mixing with other items in the wash. The mesh construction enables soap and water to wash what is inside and store almost flat when finished. The rigid top and bottom prevent it from twisting and getting crushed. The 9.5 inch diameter cylinder (7 inches tall) fits up to 2 D-cup plus bras or baseball caps.

Using Delicates Defender is as easy as:
1) Unzip the bag and place up to 2 items inside.
2) Zip it closed and wash how you would normally wash. (We recommend delicate.)
3) After the wash cycle, remove the bag, unzip the top and remove the contents. Let the items air dry for best results.
4) When dry, flatten and store the bag until you need it again.

Made in China

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