Sole Glow: clean & shine sponge

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Crusty kicks?
Sad stilettos?
Lackluster leather?

The Solution is Sole Glow: leather shoe clean & shine.

Long a staple in men's shoe cleaning kits, this is a purse-sized version for women: a shoe shine sponge in its own screw shut case. Unscrew the lid to expose the sponge and simply rub on your non suede leather items (shoes, belts & purses) or rain boots for a 20-second clean and shine. Because we care about the environment, we give you a tube of silicone oil from which you can add a few drops to dried up shoe sponges so you can keep using them instead of tossing them.

Using Sole Glow is easy:

1) Test a small unnoticeable area first.
2) Remove cap and wipe sponge all over shoe topsides.
3) Recharge the sponge with several drop of the enclosed oil every 5 uses.

Tips for success
- Do not use on suede.
- 100% silicone oil might darken some items, but will lighten in time as they dry out again.

Contains: 2 reusable sponges with refill oil
Measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 1.9 cm (2.2 x 2.2 x .75 inches)

Made in China

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