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Underboob: breast sweat absorbing strap


Mountain dew?
Drenched double-D's?
Jug juice?

The Solution is Underboob: breast sweat absorbers.

Everyone sweats. But not everyone boob sweats. And for some reason, boob sweat marks are so much more embarrassing than armpit sweat stains, especially in mixed company. But never fear, Underboob is here!

This simple, adjustable (fits bra sizes 28-38) elastic strap fastens under the bust line and contains a cotton, moisture-absorbing panel with a barrier panel over it. Besides being beige for discretion, it is able to be worn with or without a bra, meaning that it can be worn with workout clothes or by men, especially those who don't want to attract attention to their moobs. Simply adjust the strap until it fits snugly, hook it closed, and go. When it gets dirty, toss it in the wash on cold and let it air dry to preserve the elasticity.

Material: Elastic with cotton and nylon cover
Color: Beige
Measures: 36 x 0.67 x 0.04 inches (92 x 1.7 x 0.1 cm)

Made in China

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