Useful and Absurd Facts

Kim CastellanoFashion First Aid (Solutions That Stick Inc.) invents and manufactures both wacky and useful personal care products that you will never see someone else wearing, unless you take off his/her clothes.  Born in Southern California and wisely relocated to Idaho, we began in 1999 with one product, Garment Guard: disposable underarm shields (because the founder was a broke law student who was tired of her expensive white t-shirts getting ruined by underarm taco stains.)  Now, with over 45 products on the market, over 10 in the works, and a light and upbeat book entitled The Dirty Side of Fashion, the corporate mission is still to save the world from fashion and beauty disasters and help make clothes last longer.


Kim Leone Olenicoff Castellano  is an expert when it comes to Boobs, Sweat & Farts. She earned the unglamorous and unlikely distinction by leaving the lucrative life as an attorney to start her own company selling Garment Guard, the first disposable adhesive underarm shields. Armed with Nordstrom as one of her first accounts, she went on to attempt to solve other embarrassing personal problems including SBDs (with Subtle Butt: disposable gas neutralizers) and saggy boots (with Boot Stay: adhesive sag preventers). The result of honed legal research skills, life-long overanalyzing, 30,000 miles around the world on her sailboat, and a touch of OCD is Fashion First Aid, a brand with over 45 (and counting) clever products to save face and save money preventing common beauty and fashion faux pas. She holds several patents and numerous trademarks on these products, and actually does a terrible Vanilla Ice imitation, attempting to rap, “If you got a problem, Yo! I'll solve it! Check out the mike while my DJ revolves it.” Please do not bring that up.

When not in her office or on her boat, Kim lives in Laguna Beach, CA and Sun Valley, ID with her husband Andy, her dog Schooner, her costume closet, and her nutty imagination.


1% for puppies

1% for Puppies  We think it is important to give back and give locally, which is why we give 1% of SALES (not profits) each month to the Animal Shelter of The Wood River Valley.  This way, you know that some of your purchase last month is already providing pet food for families that have fallen on hard times, spaying & neutering animals in neighboring communities, and helping with operating costs for our awesome no-kill shelter.  Make sure you take a look at the Pet of the Week to see if a furry someone should relocate to your home.  And we're not total breedists- we support kitties, too!