Profits For Purpose

Current Support

The Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley$0.50 from each Lint Leaves purchased is donated to The Animal Shelter of The Wood River Valley so you can give more hugs to pets and not worry about fur on your clothes.  

The Hunger Coalition: $0.25 from each Send A Hug purchased is donated to The Hunger Coalition to further their innovations in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Clothing Swaps: We sponsor at least one clothing swap each week to reduce the number of items that end up in landfills and help keep you looking your best for free-fifty-free! Since clothing swaps are free, this means we will buy the drinks and provide all the resources you need to throw one. Email or message us if you are interested.

More coming very soon!


Additional Support

Available for 501(c)(3) organizations of a non-political nature in Blaine County, Idaho only.

Past recipients:


Sawtooth Botanical Gardens

Expedition Inspiration


Donation Request Guidelines

1. Please specify the name, shipping address for your 501(c)(3), and date the donation is needed.

2. Please specify how many of which product you would like.

3. Please explain how the donation will be used or displayed.

4. Email this information to us at least 7 days before the date the donation is needed.