Profits For Purpose

Why We Give Our Profits Away

We are women. We support women. We want all women to be financially secure, even if we are paid less. We embrace all women's body types, as long as they are healthy. 

One day, women will receive equal pay. In the meantime, it is imperative that we make smarter financial decisions. When it comes to fashion, we are sometimes weak- who doesn't want to look good? We are attracted to shiny baubles and great deals. And our closets are full and our wallets emptier. That is just dumb. We should be selective with what we buy, choosing high quality items that will last, and items that flatter us. But we also realize that our bodies change over time, that certain items are not comfortable or do not look as good as we thought, and that we have worn some items so many times we are sick of them. So that is why we support Clothing Swaps [and No Ugly Clothes]. We offer a complete guide on how to put on a Clothing Swap and will even buy your beverages. 

Being healthy is so important. This involves eating nourishing foods, exercising and being outdoors. We do not believe in publicly shaming another woman over her body type, but we would not be good women if we didn't try to help our sisters achieve healthy living. We are in the process of formulating our exact program, but in the meantime, we will send a healthy living Fashion First Aid kit to any woman who commits to starting a 30-day food & exercise program. The kit contains Button Extenders & Brah! Extenders to help your clothes fit better during your transition, Toe Jams & Wundercover to help your feet endure, and a coupon for 70% off Fitesse bras since bodies change with diet and exercise changes. 

Current Product-Based Support

The Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley$0.50 from each Lint Leaves purchased is donated to The Animal Shelter of The Wood River Valley so you can give more hugs to pets and not worry about fur on your clothes.  

The Hunger Coalition: $0.25 from each Send A Hug purchased is donated to The Hunger Coalition to further their innovations in breaking the cycle of poverty.

More support in the works. Stay tuned!


Additional Support

Available for 501(c)(3) organizations of a non-political nature in Blaine County, Idaho only.

Past recipients:


Sawtooth Botanical Gardens

Expedition Inspiration


Donation Request Guidelines

1. Please specify the name, shipping address for your 501(c)(3), and date the donation is needed.

2. Please specify how many of which product you would like.

3. Please explain how the donation will be used or displayed.

4. Email this information to us at least 7 days before the date the donation is needed.