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Nipplomats: reusable adhesive silicone concealers (light & dark)


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Smuggling raisins?
High beams?
Assertive nipples?

The Solution is Nipplomats: reusable adhesive silicone concealers.

Prevent the embarrassment of nipples that insist on perking up at inconvenient and inappropriate moments by using reusable Nipplomats under evening gowns, sheer tops and even swimsuits. Try them with The Perk Up for an instant breast lift look without wearing a bra. Our Nipplomats are shaped like a petal so they lay the flattest possible on a curved surface- your breast. And ours taper off at the ends so they blend in as much as possible and are not visible through your clothes. Reusable up to 25 times.

Tips for success: If Nipplomats do get dirty or less sticky, wash with warm soap and water and air dry. Pre-test and discontinue use immediately if sensitivity occurs.

Using Nipplomats is easy: 1) Make sure skin is dry and free of lotion. 2) Remove a Nipplomat from the backing and firmly apply it over your nipple. 3) When removing, immediately re-apply to the thin plastic film that Nipplomats came attached to.

Contains: 1 pair, beige or cocoa

Material: Polyurethane outer covering with silicone filling and adhesive

Made in China

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