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Chick Magnet: dress/blouse peepshow stoppers


Bared bottoms?
Marilyn monroe-ing?
Busting buttons?

The Solution is Chick Magnet: dress/blouse peepshow stoppers.

Dresses & skirts: love wearing them, but hate it when they fly up and show Mrs. Downstairs to the world. Button down shirts: why are the key mid-chest buttons always in the wrong place? Wrap tops: can't figure out how they always migrate open to show ALL of my cleavage.

Thankfully, there is Chick Magnet. These supermagnets can be slipped into hems or used over fabric and pushed together to create a strong and temporary hold. Use them wherever you would want to use a safety pin, but don't want to put holes in your fabric. We love them with scarves and cardigans, too.

Warnings and Tips for success:
If you need to unstitch a hem to slip Chick Magnet inside, you can use Fashion Staple to re-sew it.

Strong Magnet Warning: Chick Magnets are for ADULTS ONLY- Keep away from children. Magnets sticking together inside the human body can cause serious or fatal injury. Seek immediate medical help if magnets are swallowed or inhaled. Keep away from pacemakers as magnets can cause them to fail. Keep away from electronics, cell phones and magnetic strip cards as magnets can damage them or cause loss of data.

Size: 4 pieces 20 x 10mm magnets
Made in China

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