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Pocksie: temporary sticky pocket



No purse?
No pocket?
No problem!

The Solution is Pocksie: temporary sticky pockets.

Sick of clothing without pockets? Now you can place a pocket anywhere with our adhesive pocket, Pocksie. Simply peel off a Pocksie and stick it to the inside of your clothing (or boot, or reusable grocery bag), and go about your business. Your ID, credit card, and a few notes or a key will be secure in a secret pocket created by the Pocksie and your garment. And Pocksie will stay in place until you remove it or launder the garment.

Pocksie™ is perfect when you are worried about getting pick-pocketed, carrying a purse is too cumbersome but you still need ID (like on the dance floor or while out for a run), or you are traveling.

Before laundering, remove the contents, peel off, and dispose (natural cotton fibers are biodegradable).

Contains: 6 pockets
Color: Beige or Black
Material: Cotton with adhesive backing
Measures: 4.1 x 3.35 inches (10.4 x 8.5 cm) 

Made in USA

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