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The Dirty Side of Fashion book


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Ironing issues?
Stuck stains?
Mystery machines?

The Solution is The Dirty Side of Fashion interactive book.

The 60-page Dirty Side of Fashion is a fun yet informational book containing laundry tips and simple solutions to save your wardrobe from the dirty side of life. Fashion First Aid expert, Kim Castellano, takes a lighthearted but scientific approach to the issues of stubborn stains, destructive washing machines, and expensive clothes that don't stand up to the abuse of life.

Learn the best way to:

  • wash delicate items,
  • remove stains (of all kinds),
  • avoid dry cleaning and
  • keep your wardrobe in top shape.

Included are 33 stickers, 10 hanger cards, and 4 different product samples. There are also links to exclusive how-to videos for fun activities like doing the jelly roll and cleaning your washing machine. The money you save by following the advice in The Dirty Side of Fashion will pay for the book many times over. In fact, it might also be a life-saver for the fashionista on your gift list.

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