Boot Stay: adhesive sag preventers

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Saggy boots?
Falling footwear?

The Solution is Boot Stay: adhesive sag preventers.

Nobody likes their boots falling down. It's just no fun pulling at them all day. Keep your falling boots at bay with Boot Stay adhesive sag preventers. To use them, simply peel the paper backing off and stick the 7 inch cotton-covered stay onto the inside back of the boot, then wear as normal. Boot Stay is rigid enough to keep your boots up yet soft enough that the boots don't turn into torture devices. Don't let your boots falling down get you down anymore.

Using Boot Stay is easy as:

1) Peel Boot Stay away from paper backing and stick it onto the inside of the boot.
2) Wear the boot as normal. For extremely pliable or tall boots, you may need to use more than one Boot Stay
3) For optimal support replace your boot stay every few wearings. 

Tips for success:
If the insides of your boots are resistant to adhesive (i.e. suede) or if you want to make your Boot Stays last longer, you can tape in the Boot Stay with strong tape, like duct tape.
You can also use them inside pant legs to keep pants from getting stuck under your heels when walking.

Contains: 6 pieces
Color: White 
Measures: 7 x 1.2 inches (17.7 x 3.1 cm)

Made in the USA  

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