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No New Fashion 2020We all know that our clothing is a major source of bad news for the environment. While you may feel good about donating your old clothing to charity, the truth is a whopping 84% of it ends up in landfills and incinerators, according to the EPA. The United Nations Environment Programme calculates that 10% of annual global carbon emissions (more than international flights and maritime shipping combined) come from the fashion industry. Let's put an end to this (and save $) by choosing to not buy any new clothes, accessories or shoes* for a whole year.

But wait- you don't have to become a nudist! There are plenty of great options to keep you looking awesome, which we pledge to help keep you informed about all year long:

  • Clothing swaps with friends,
  • Secondhand stores,
  • Clothing rental sites,
  • Altering clothes you already own, and
  • Keeping what you already have in wearable condition. 

So take the #NoNewFashion2020 pledge and sign up for our semi-monthly newsletter to get the information and the support you need to make a difference in 2020.

*Athletic shoes and work-related items excepted

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