Clearly Gone: disappearing bra straps

Category: Bras, Straps

Clashing colors?
Inconvenient straps?
Loud lingerie?

The Solution is Clearly Gone: disappearing bra straps.

When your bra straps are playing the part of the extrovert, replace them with an quieter model. Clearly Gone simply hook onto most strapless or convertible bras and are either 1/2" (12mm) wide and 18.5" long or 0.8" wide (20mm) and 22" long (unstretched). These clear bra straps are slightly cloudy, so they don't shine on your skin, and are a wardrobe essential for wear under lace, mesh or sheer tops.

Contains: 1 pair
Color: Clear
Material: TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) with metal hooks
Measures (unstretched): SMALL 18.5 x .5 x .008" (42 x 1.2 x .02 cm)  LARGE  22 x .8 x .008" (50 x 2 x .02 cm)

Made in China

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