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Subtle Bowl: toilet odor tamers


Dropping bombs?
Number2 PU?
Shame of thrones?

The Solution is Subtle Bowl: toilet odor tamers.

Yes, everyone poops. And yes, it doesn't smell like roses. So for everyone who gives a sh*t, we offer Subtle Bowl for your consideration. It is your best exit strategy. Just toss one thin, dissolvable sheet into the toilet bowl, allow it to dissolve for 10 seconds (if you can), then bombs away. Subtle Bowl creates a thin film on the surface of the bowl to keep the stink in the drink, contain the crap, or dunk the funk. All that remains after you flush is a slight minty freshness. At just 2.375 x 3.125 inches (6 x 8 cm), Subtle Bowl fits into your wallet or purse, so it is handy when nature calls. No spills, no TSA drama.

Contains: 20 pieces

Keep reclosable bag sealed, away from moisture, and use within 60 days of opening.


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