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The Perk Up: adhesive breast lifts



Gravity blues?
Eggs on nails?
Fog lamps?

The Solution is The Perk Up: adhesive breast lifts.

The Perk Up is a patented instant adhesive breast lift. Unlike those adhesive bras that fail to defy gravity by pushing from below, these adhere to the top of the breast and pull up. Using a FDA-approved for skin, USA-made adhesive, The Perk Up is safe and gentle to use. (Well, it isn't THAT gentle, but it definitely keeps the girls up until you remove it, which is a small price to pay for perkiness.) Waterproof, transparent, and hypoallergenic, these are perfect to use with backless outfits, swimwear and low-cut tops.

*Use with Nipplomats to achieve a lifted, concealed look without a bra*
*Remove promptly when finished wearing and avoid wearing one pair for an extended period of time*
*Use care when removing paper backing and applying: they work best when adhering to skin the first time and might not work if you reposition them.*

Using The Perk Up is easy as:
1) Peel off the bottom half of the adhesive backing and apply The Perk Up firmly to the breast, just above the nipple.
2) Remove the top half of the backing, pull The Perk Up and breast upward to the desired position and stick it firmly to the skin.
3) Repeat with the other side.

Contains: 4 pieces
Color: Clear
Material: Medical grade adhesive (Latex-free)
Measures 4.6 x 3 x 0.04 inches (11.7 x 7.7 x .01 cm)

Made in the USA by Bring It Up

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