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Delicates Defender: microplastic catching laundry wash bag (large)


Bunched panties? 
Damaged delicates? 
Polluting polyester?

The Solution is Delicates Defender: microplastic catching laundry wash bag.

Do a solid for the planet and protect your favorite clothing articles with Delicates Defender. The ultrafine mesh construction enables soap and water to permeate and wash what is inside, but keeps the lint shedding (microplastics when coming from synthetic fabrics) inside the bag so you can toss in the trash instead of letting them get carried into our waterways.

Super easy to use, Delicates Defender accepts your polar fleece, workout clothes, and other microplastic items, as well as bras, hats and swimwear. It can make sorting laundry easy when you launder all of your hang-dry items together in one bag. Delicates Defender is also useful for keeping damaging items, like those with Velcro, from mixing with other items in the wash.  And Delicates Defender can also be tossed into the dryer since the plastic zipper won't get as hot as a metal one or make a lot of noise. Delicate Defender folds to take up very little space when not in use. The almost 20 inch opening fits almost everything you could throw in the washer. Just make sure to not fill it past half full so the garments have the ability to get clean in the laundry cycle. 

Size: 50 x 70 cm / about 20 x 27.5 in

Made In China

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