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Knicker Sticker: disposable adhesive underwear



Whale Tail?
Camel Toe?

The Solution is Knicker Sticker: temporary adhesive underwear.

Knicker Sticker is a tried and true way to avoid panty lines by allowing you to ditch the panties but keep the protection. Simply peel off the backing, stick this ingenious underwear alternative right to your pants or shorts, and go on with your day knowing that neither VPL nor whale tail will be your foe. Knicker Sticker adhesive underwear is made of hygienic soft, brushed 100 percent cotton and comes in beige or black for discretion. The NEWLY REVISED smaller heart shape is designed to fit to your body while adhering well to jeans and shorts and is also cute, should someone else see it. Take Knicker Sticker stick on panties with you when you travel to avoid carrying dirty underwear with you or to the gym to avoid unattractive panty lines and camel toe in leggings and yoga pants.

Tips for success: stick onto pants, jeans or shorts BEFORE you put on your clothing, with the top of the heart toward your bum. Before laundering, peel off, and dispose (natural cotton fibers are biodegradable).

Contains: 7 pieces
Color: Black (also available separately in beige)
Material: 100% cotton with adhesive backing
Measures: 3.15 x 3 inches (8 x 7.5 cm)
Made in USA

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